10 favourites this week (#178)


Happy Monday, you lovely lot! I hope you all had a gorgeous weekend - mine was filled with sunshine and friends and family and lots of time pottering around at home, and I loved every second. It feels like October has been the slowest and most purposeful month so far this year, and I'm feeling so happy and content as a result. I need to remember this feeling every time I'm tempted to fill my calendar with commitments and plans! Anyway, let's jump into this week's favourites shall we?

1) Taking on the world's fastest zip line

We started the week in style by taking on the world's fastest zip line at Zip World in North Wales. Sam's Mum and Dad bought us a voucher for Christmas last year, and we couldn't have chosen a more perfect day to get booked in for it - the sun was shining and the sky couldn't have been any bluer. It was such an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone - it really did feel like flying!

2) Lots of podcast binging

I feel like since starting my own podcast, I've become even more obsessed with podcasts as a form of content (if that's even possible!) and I've loved catching up with all of my subscriptions this week. Some of my favourites included Dolly Alderton's appearance on Table Manners and listening to Nile Rodgers on Desert Island Discs.

3) Dinner at The Ivy

On Thursday evening, Sam and I were lucky enough to head to The Ivy in Leeds for a delicious 3 course meal. I'll be writing a full review of our dinner later in the week, but it was so lovely to head out and spend some quality time together. Plus the food (and champagne!) was absolutely delicious.

4) Autumn light

Isn't the light just perfect at this time of year? I feel like every time I glance out of the window I see a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, and everything just looks so much more beautiful bathed in the mid-afternoon golden light. I feel like I can barely walk down the street without taking a hundred photos.

5) Getting out running

Sam and I are both doing the Leeds 10k in a couple of weeks, and so last week I laced up my trainers for quite a few training runs. It's so lovely to jog down the canal and take in all of the autumn beauty, and I always forget how great that post-run high is!

6) Brunch with my friend

On Saturday morning I headed to Ox Club in Leeds with one of my oldest friends, Jess. She's recently moved to Leeds which I couldn't be happier about, and I'm looking forward to lots of brunch and cocktail dates! Plus I remembered why Ox Club is my favourite place in Leeds to get brunch - the food really is amazing.

7) Drinks in the sunshine

We followed up our brunch with drinks in the sunshine at Issho and Belgrave Music Hall, and it felt like such a treat to be sitting outside without our jackets on in October! It'll be snowing again before we know it, so I made sure I soaked up every last bit of vitamin D with a delicious cocktail.

8) A lovely Saturday night in

I know I'm getting old now, because my dream weekend always involves a cosy night in (complete with slippers and trashy TV, naturally) and that's exactly what I got on Saturday. We put our comfiest trackie bottoms on, lit all of the candles and curled up in front of Strictly - it doesn't get much better than that in my eyes!

9) A trip to Rodley Nature Reserve

Despite having lived in our village for almost 5 years now, we'd never made it to the award winning nature reserve that's based just down the road. We rectified that yesterday and headed down there with my brother in law, his girlfriend and our little nephew, and it was just lovely! Ralf loved seeing the ducks, and it was so nice to have a wander in the fresh air.

10) Chatting to some great guests for This North Works 

I am loving every minute of putting the podcast together for This North Works, and last week I spoke to some really brilliant guests for upcoming episodes! It's great to have an excuse to connect with interesting people doing brilliant things, and I always find the chats so inspiring. Definitely keep your eye out for future episodes, and if you're enjoying the podcast then it would mean the world to me if you left it a little rating or a review!

What have you all been enjoying this week?