Christmas Gifting With A Personal Touch


It’s no secret around here that I love Christmas, and one of the reasons I get so excited about the festive season is that it’s the perfect opportunity to treat the people I love. Finding the perfect gift for someone gives me those warm, fuzzy feelings that Christmas is all about, and I love that feeling when you just know that you’ve nailed it. I’m usually pretty good at coming up with gift ideas, but one person I always struggle to buy for is my Mum. My Mum does such a lot for us, and so I always want her to feel loved and treated at Christmas time. But she’s also a bit of a shopaholic, meaning that if I pick up something I know she’ll love, she might have already treated herself to it!

For that reason, I like to go with something a little more unusual, choosing a gift that can be personalised to her. In the past I’ve had prints and photo books made, or put together a bespoke girly day out for us to enjoy with my sister. But this year I opted for jewellery - something she can wear everyday and be reminded of just how much we love her.

You might remember the beautiful Nomination Italy bracelet I created for myself last month - well I had just as much fun choosing one for my Mum! You can choose charms in gold, silver or rose gold, and as my Mum is quite girly and feminine, I decided to go for rose gold.

nomination italy christmas gifting

First up, I chose mine and my sister’s initials in charms that were embellished with gemstones. We’re a very close knit little trio and we definitely consider each other our best friends, so I knew my Mum would love this little reminder of her girls. Next up I chose one of the unity charms, which represent the strong, unconditional bond between mother and daughter. I really look up to my Mum, so I hope that this little charm will remind her just how much she inspires me. And finally, I added a little four leaf clover - my Mum has always drummed into my sister and I that we might not have as much money or prestige as other people, but that we’re so lucky to have such a close family and so much love surrounding us, so this felt like the perfect charm to sum up her approach to life!

nomination italy christmas gifting

To sit alongside her new charm bracelet, I also chose one of Nomination Italy’s stacking bracelets, again in rose gold. My Mum loves a bit of bling and sparkle, so I know this is something she’ll be reaching for regularly.

nomination italy christmas gifting

And finally, as this is a Christmas gift, I picked out some seasonal jewellery for her, including a pair of snowflake earrings and a gorgeous necklace. We have so many festive traditions as a family, from visiting the Christmas markets to snuggling up in matching PJs on Christmas Eve, so I’m hoping that these new pieces of jewellery can also become a new little tradition, something she can pull out year after year when December rolls around.

nomination italy christmas gifting

I can’t wait to give my Mum her gifts, and I hope she can see how much thought and love has gone into choosing them for her. If you’re looking for some gifts that are a little more special this year, I highly recommend popping into a Nomination Italy store - not only do they have such a huge selection of charms and jewellery to choose from, they’ll also box and wrap everything beautifully for you. Plus, this week they’re running a Black Friday offer, which means you can take home a free jewellery box (worth £25) when you spend £100 or more in store.

*This post is in collaboration with Nomination Italy, but as always, all views are my own