4 Years Of Blogging


My little blog turns 4 tomorrow! I had to double check that number a few times as I couldn’t quite believe it wasn’t higher - I can’t really remember a time before this online space was mine. In those 4 years I’ve penned over 900 blog posts, and over 100,000 people have visited my site. How crazy is that?!?! I’ve documented everything from our engagement to buying our first home, grief to getting married. I’ve written posts about frivolous things like fashion and beauty, and poured my heart onto the page with deeper and more meaningful posts.

Writing this blog has brought me so much joy over the past 4 years. It’s brought amazing people into my life, just when it felt like I needed them the most. It’s given me a creative outlet, something to concentrate and focus on when times have been tough. And it’s allowed me to connect with you lot - I will never not feel grateful that you give me a little slice of your time, that you read the words I’ve written, and that you get in touch every now and then to say that those words have moved you in some way.

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about whether blogging is starting to die out. Lots of the big guys have abandoned their blogs in favour of more popular platforms, like Instagram or podcasts, but I’ve got no plans to follow in their footsteps. Partly for selfish reasons - I love that this blog acts as a little scrapbook for me, a digital catalogue of all the things that have been important to me over the years. But also because I know that writing these posts is the best possible way for me to keep connecting with you all - don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram, but I know that I write best when I have more than a paragraph to play with.

So here’s to the 5th year of this little blog. I can’t wait to see what feels important to me over the next 12 months, what learnings or trips or big life moments will feel worthy of a blog post. There will be some new stuff coming in the new year which I hope you’ll all enjoy - it will be an opportunity for us to go a little deeper and really get into the meat of some of the topics I touch on here on this blog, an opportunity for us to open the discussion on what getting the most out of life really means.

But mostly, there will just be more of the same - me wittering on, sharing my highlights, my struggles, and my realisations, in the hope that we can all squeeze a bit more joy and love and happiness out of our everyday. I hope you’ll stick along for the ride...