10 favourites this week (#181)


Happy Monday! Hands up if this is your last week in work before the festive break? I can't quite believe it's Christmas next week, although I am so ready for lots of quality time with my loved ones (and plenty of lie ins too, of course). Anyway, I'm going to be taking a little blogging break next week, so this will be the last weekly faves before Christmas - thankfully it's a very jam-packed festive one...

1) A Monday off work

Sam and I both took last Monday off work, and it was so lovely to get the week off to a slower start than usual. We went to visit my Nan, took a trip to IKEA while there were no dawdlers or crying children there (win), and made the most delicious dinner. It's rare that we ever get a day off to just potter together, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

2) Pause box

One of my birthday pressies from the girls this year was a subscription to Mind's Pause boxes - in exchange for a monthly donation, you receive a little box in the post that contains some sort of activity to remind you to slow down and get creative. My first box arrived this week and it contained everything you need to make your own teabag - it's such a lovely idea!

3) Dumplin'

If you haven't already watched Dumplin', the new film on Netflix starring Jennifer Aniston with music from Dolly Parton, might I suggest that you do so immediately? It was heartwarming, funny, uplifting and generally just ace - I'm sureI'll be watching it again sometime soon!

4) Cut glass collection

A little while ago, Sam's grandparents very kindly offered to give us their collection of cut glass - they don't really get to use it anymore, and they hoped that we could breathe some new life into it. Now that our kitchen is finally done, Sam's parents dropped it off for us this week, and we couldn't believe our luck - there are so many beautiful glasses and dishes that we can't wait to use. We've been dreaming of cocktail recipes that would be perfect for all of the different sized glasses - watch this space!

5) Going to the ballet

On Thursday evening my friend Jess and I headed to Leeds Grand Theatre to watch Northern Ballet perform The Nutcracker and it was so lovely and festive! The performance was absolutely amazing, and it was the first time I'd been to the ballet in about 15 years - it's definitely something I'd like to do more of next year.

6) A lovely catch up with friends

I'm very lucky to have made some lovely friends here in Leeds through blogging, and on Friday evening we all got together for a little festive catch up. Kate very kindly hosted us at her flat and we put the world to rights over lots of M&S party food and prosecco - basically the perfect way to start the weekend!

7) A visit to Manchester's Christmas markets

On Saturday we headed to Manchester with my family for a little visit to the Christmas markets to celebrate my Dad's birthday. We ate some yummy food, drank plenty of beer and generally had a lovely festive time - it's one of our annual traditions and it never fails to make me feel Christmassy!

8) More yoga

I mentioned on here a few weeks ago that I've been getting into the habit of daily yoga, and I have been absolutely loving it! I've been following Adriene's 30 days of yoga throughout December, and I'm so proud of how long I've kept it up for - I'm definitely feeling the benefits, and I want to keep it up in 2019.

9) Our first Christmas dinner of the season

Yesterday we had some friends and family round for our first Christmas dinner of the season. Sam and I whipped up a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings (including plenty of pigs in blankets, obvs), and we washed it all down with plenty of fizz. We love hosting at our house, and even more so now we have a nice kitchen and a big oven, so we were in our element!

10) A super cosy Sunday evening

After doing all of the washing up, Sam and I settled down on the sofa to enjoy the rest of our weekend with a bottle of champagne and plenty of cat cuddles. We both have a super busy week coming up, so it was so nice to enjoy some quiet time together before the Christmas rush kicks in.

What have you all been loving this week?