10 favourites this week (#187)


Happy Tuesday, you lovely lot! My weekly favourites are coming at ya a little late this week as I've been off gallivanting in Paris, but I still wanted to take the time to write up all my happy moments from the last 7 days. I love looking having these posts to look back on, especially when we've been on holiday or something special has happened. So let's crack on, shall we?

1) A night in London with Sam

You've probably heard me mention before that I spend every Monday night in London for work, but last week was more fun than usual as Sam was also in the capital for a conference. We ordered a Deliveroo feast, watched some old episodes of Game of Thrones, and generally made the most of being able to hang out without any chores to distract us.

2) Little Chapters podcast

You all know that I'm a podcast obsessive, and I've recently added a new fave to the list. Little Chapters is hosted by Kayte Ferris and Jessica Rose Williams, and each week they chat about a topic related to living life a little differently. Their conversations are always so honest and interesting, and I take something away from every episode.

3) A dinner date with my friend

On Wednesday evening I had a little dinner date with my lovely friend, Sarah. It was an early celebration for her birthday, and we had a lovely time eating pizza and putting the world to rights.

4) A great coaching call

I'm about half way through my coaching sessions with the brilliant Jen at the moment, and I genuinely take so much away from every call. This week it felt like I had a few real lightbulb moments, and I'm starting to see how much my confidence has grown since our first session. It has definitely been the best investment I've ever made in myself!

5) Babysitting our nephew

On Thursday evening I was on babysitting duty for our little nephew, Ralf, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! He is at such a lovely age at the moment and doesn't stop chatting and laughing. We had a lovely time hanging out together, reading books and playing with his little toy kitchen.

6) A lovely weekend in Paris

As mentioned above, Sam and I spent the weekend in Paris and we had such a great time. We've both been lucky enough to visit the city quite a few times before, so this trip was just about eating, drinking and sauntering around, which is basically our favourite way to spend time together!

7) Staying at The Hoxton

Our trip was made even lovelier by the fact that we were staying at the gorgeĀ Hoxton hotel. I've stayed at their London hotels a few times before, but the Paris location is definitely my fave - it's just so beautiful! We thoroughly enjoyed hanging out there, and it made the perfect base for our weekend.

8) An epic book haul at Shakespeare & Co

One of my favourite things about visiting Paris is getting to visit Shakespeare & Co, which is undoubtedly one of the best book shops in the world. I spent about an hour browsing their shelves there on Saturday morning and was so blissfully happy picking out some new books to bring home with me.

9) Watching Death Cab for Cutie

We spent Saturday evening watching Death Cab for Cutie, one of our favourite bands, play at a beautiful theatre in Paris. We've both loved the band for way over a decade now, and to see them play in such a great city felt extra special. Plus, I really love going to gigs abroad - it somehow just feels way cooler than going to gigs at home.

10) Launching my new coaching packages

Some of you will have seen me talking about my new 1:1 coaching packages in my newsletter on Sunday and here on the blog yesterday. This is something I've been building up to for quite a while now, and it feels really good to finally have it out there in the world - a definite highlight of this week!

How has your week been?