10 favourites this week (#191)


Happy Monday, you lovely lot! Did you all have a good week? Mine was a pretty great one, with lots of happy moments that I’m excited to tell you all about today. So let’s crack on, shall we?

1) Dinner and a sleepover with my best friend

One of the things I really like about having to spend so much time in London for work is being able to catch up with friends while I’m there. This week I got to hang out with one of my oldest and bestest friends Fiona, eating ramen and having a sleepover like we used to when we were 16. It made for a pretty lovely start to the week!

2) Gorgeous sunshine

I know it was a bit weird that we had such hot weather in February, and that it’s probably a sign that there’s something seriously wrong with our planet, but I have to admit that I kinda loved it. Running along the Thames with the golden sun coming up was just glorious, and feeling some warmth on my skin did wonders for my mood. Bring on proper spring, I say.

3) Lighting my spring/summer candles

I tend to rotate between two types of candle scents - those warm, spicy, wintery ones, or really fresh and clean fragrances. October through to March is all about the winter scents, and then once spring rolls around, I pull out the fresh, summery candles. It was so nice to dig out some of the beautiful candles that we picked up on our California road trip last summer - they’ve been making our house smell amazing!

4) Kacey Musgraves

I know I’m pretty much the last person to the party, but I am absolutely loving Kacey Musgrave’s latest album. I must have listened to it at least 20 times this week, and it sounded especially gorgeous in the sunshine. I reckon it’s going to be the soundtrack to lots of road trips for us this summer.

5) Watching Nish Kumar

On Thursday evening Sam and I had a little date night in town watching Nish Kumar at City Varieties. He is one of our favourite stand up comedians at the moment, and we didn’t stop laughing for the whole hour he was on stage, which did wonders for our moods.

6) Midnight Chicken & Other Recipes Worth Living For

I bought Ella Risbridger’s beautiful cookbook earlier this year, but this weekend I finally got stuck into whipping up some of the recipes from it. Everything I made was delicious, and I absolutely loved reading some of the stories behind the recipes. I know that this is a book I’ll be turning to for years to come.

7) Hosting my first workshop

On Saturday I hosted my very first Mindset Masterclass workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was lucky enough to be joined by a fab group of kickass ladies, and it was so much fun to spend a few hours in their company working through some big dreams and plans. I’m currently working on some plans to take the workshop on a mini tour, so if you’d like to attend in a city near you, let me know!

8) On The Basis of Sex

Sam and I had a little cinema date after my workshop had finished, and we went to see On The Basis of Sex, the film based on the early cases of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was such an inspiring watch and made me feel so lucky that incredible women like Ruth were brave enough to stand up to misogyny and fight for the opportunities that myself and women of my generation so often take for granted.

9) Dinner at Prashad

We followed our cinema date with a visit to a restaurant that has been on our list forever. Prashad is an Indian restaurant in Bradford serving up some of the nicest veggie cuisine I’ve ever eaten. It’s an absolute staple of the city, and somewhere I know that we’ll be revisiting for a long time to come.

10) A pretty perfect Sunday

Despite the grey weather yesterday, we had one of those pretty perfect Sundays that feel kinda special in their own quiet way. There was a lie in accompanied by good books and coffee in bed, pancakes for breakfast, a trip to the farm shop, a football derby, some delicious roast beef, and a long hot bath. It’s those sorts of quiet, unremarkable but gorgeous days that I live for, and they always make me feel so lucky for this little life of mine.

How’s your week been?