10 favourites this week (#193)


Happy Monday, you lovely lot! How are you all feeling today? I had a super wholesome and restorative weekend, and as a result I am feeling READY to take on a brand new week. I hope you’re feeling that way too, and if not, I’m sending you all the good vibes.

It always feels so lovely to start the week with these little gratitude lists, and this week is no different - so let’s jump in, shall we?

1) A trip to Foyles 

Whenever I’m feeling anxious or stressed out, I always know that the one thing that will make me feel better is a trip to a bookstore. And so after a long and testing Monday in London, I took myself for a walk along the Southbank to Foyles and spent half an hour browsing the shelves and picking out some new books. I walked out feeling lighter and freer and like my to do list was a little more manageable, as well as having some lovely new books to delve into - win win!

2) Swimming

I absolutely love swimming, and this week Sam and I managed to get to our local pool a couple of times to squeeze in some lengths before work. We’re very lucky that our local pool is an old Victorian baths, with bunting strung from the ceiling and gorgeous stained glass windows that let the sun stream in - it definitely makes the early starts more worth it.

3) Working from Mill Kitchen

I felt like a change of scenery this week, and so rather than working from our kitchen table, I headed up to our local cafe, Mill Kitchen, and set up for the day there. It made such a difference to my mood and productivity levels to be surrounded by lots of people (and a few puppies), plus I drank some excellent coffee and had a yummy lunch too.

4) The official arrival of spring

Last week marked the official arrival of spring, and for once, the weather actually seemed to get the memo too! The lighter mornings and longer evenings are working wonders for my mood, and seeing all the magnolia trees in bloom has put a big smile on my face too. This season is pretty special, isn’t it?

5) Burger and beers with some brilliant women

On Thursday evening I headed into Leeds for burgers and beers and catch ups with some brilliant women the I’ve met via the internet. We chatted non stop for hours, putting the world to rights and talking about all the highs and lows that come with being a woman in her late twenties. It was such a lovely way to spend a few hours and I left feeling more inspired and positive than I had done all week.

6) Cut grass smell

Okay, this favourite needs very little explaining - this week I smelt that cut grass smell for the first time since last summer, and oh my god, it was heavenly! It had me feeling all excited about the next 6 months and all of the adventures that are yet to come. Bring it on!

7) A trip to Haworth

On Saturday morning I headed across to Haworth to meet my Mum and Dad. We went for a big long walk across the moors with the dogs, before stopping for a cream tea in the village to refuel afterwards. It was so nice to wander through the countryside that inspired the famous Bronte novels, and the fresh air and conversation did me good too.

8) Ordinary People by Diana Evans

This week I finally had enough free time to read Ordinary People, a book that has been on my bedside table for quite a few weeks now. I’ll admit that it took me a little while to get into, but once I was in, I absolutely loved it! The writing really reminded me of Zadie Smith’s novels, full of well crafted characters and clever observations.

9) A walk in the Dales

Yesterday we headed out to the Yorkshire Dales for a walk in the sunshine with Sam’s brother and his family. We walked from Grassington to Burnsall and back, stopping for some lunch and enjoying lots of funny chats with our nephew along the way. The wind was pretty chilly, but the blue skies and pretty flowers everywhere more than made up for it.

10) After Life

We started watching After Life by Ricky Gervais on Netflix last night, and all I can say is that it’s brilliant. It’s equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, and perhaps the most accurate depiction of grief that I’ve ever seen on screen. If you’re looking for something to watch I’d thoroughly recommend it!

What have you been enjoying this week?