My Spring Bucket List


I’m writing this while sat on a train with the sun pouring in through the windows, and I don’t wanna jinx it, but I feel like spring might finally be here. I know we were all caught short with that fake spring back in February, but this time around it feels like the real deal. I didn’t need to bring my scarf with me when I left the house today. There are daffodils popping up everywhere, and the blossom is bursting on the trees. And most importantly, when I check the iPhone weather app, there are more sunshines than rain clouds - finally!

Anyway, all of that has got me feeling pretty excited about the new season ahead. And so today I thought I’d share some of the things on my spring bucket list…

Explore more of the UK

Spending more time exploring our beautiful country was one of my big goals for 2019, and I feel like I got off to a good start over the past couple of months. However, we all know that the weather can be a little grey here in the UK throughout winter, so I’m excited to step my exploring up a level now that spring has really kicked in.

I’ve got trips planned to the Peak District and the Isle of Skye (both destinations that have been on my bucket list forever) and I’m also heading to Bristol for the first time in May for my best friend’s hen do. On top of that, I want to keep up our Sunday walks here in Yorkshire - they’ve been my favourite part of the weekend this year, and I think the Dales will seem even more magnificent in the sunshine.

Tidy up our garden

We don’t have a huge back garden (in fact, it’s more of a small yard than a garden if I’m being totally honest), but I’m keen to make better use of the space that we have got. It’s very overgrown and wonky at the moment so it will be quite the task, but I know it will be worth it when it’s done.

As well as tidying up the patio and making our BBQ and seating area a bit more accessible, I’d love to create some space to start growing some bits - I’m notoriously bad at keeping plants alive, but I hope that with a little bit of research I can find some tips that will help.

Give wild swimming a try

One thing that’s been on my bucket list for a little while now is wild swimming, and I’m determined that this will be the year I give it a try. I really love swimming and I’ve heard so many brilliant things about wild swimming here in the UK - it sounds totally exhilarating.

I haven’t quite decided when or where yet, and I’m sure the British temperatures will have some influence over that decision, but regardless, I’m determined to finally give it a go. If you have any tips or hints that you think it would be worth me knowing I’d love to hear - I’m a little bit nervous, but excited too!

Keep on reading

It’s been a good start to the year where my reading challenge is concerned, but I always find that spring is the time when I slow down a little bit and get out of the habit. However, I don’t want that to be the case this year, and so reading will be staying firmly at the top of my to do list this season.

I’ve got some brilliant new books on pre-order which I’m sure will help to motivate me, and with some little staycations on the horizon, I’m hoping that there will be plenty of time for curling up by a fire, or sitting and reading my book on a gorgeous patio somewhere (depending on whether the weather decides to play ball or not!).

Get back into yoga

Some of you will remember that I was in a really good habit of daily yoga at the end of 2018 and the beginning of this year, but in the past couple of months I’ve been favouring running and swimming instead. And while I’m really enjoying getting my heart racing with some good old fashioned cardio, there’s no denying that I’m missing the stretchy goodness that yoga brings.

I’m determined to get back into the habit of regular practice throughout spring - I’ve been thinking about trying a couple of local classes, and I’m hoping that if the weather keeps improving, I might even be able to practice outdoors too. How gorgeous would that be?

Embrace creativity and spontaneity

The first quarter of this year has been very busy for me work wise - I launched and delivered an e-course, I started a brand new podcast (and shared a new episode every week), and I launched my 1:1 coaching services. It has been so awesome to step my business up a level, but it’s also been pretty tiring too, and so for spring, I’m determined to embrace creativity and spontaneity a little more.

That means more spontaneous road trips and dinner dates, saying yes to fun plans more often, and allowing myself the space and time to explore my curiosity a little more. I always find that spring is a very creative time for me anyway, so I’m excited to see what happens when I lean into that part of my personality a little more.

What’s on your spring bucket list?