10 favourites this week (#194)


Happy Monday, you lovely lot! And welcome to April - can you believe that we’re already a quarter of the way through 2019? It feels like the year has been zipping by, but I can’t complain as I have some lovely plans coming up over the next couple of months.

It’s been another lovely week this week, and I’m so happy to be here telling you all about it. Writing these posts really does remind me how important it is to count my blessings! So let’s dive right in, shall we?

1) A Monday at home

I almost always spend Mondays in London for work unless I’m on holiday, but this week I had a few meetings that meant my schedule was a little different. And so instead of spending Monday battling trains and back to back meetings, I got to ease on into the week with a day of working at home instead. It was so lovely to have a slower start to the week, and I ended up having the most productive day that I’ve had for a long time.

2) Some beautiful tulips

I visited our local florist this week to stock up on some fresh blooms, and I treated myself to the most gorgeous bunch of tulips. They were such a beautiful pinky orange colour, and had a bit of an ombre effect going on. Seeing them sitting on our dining table brought me lots of joy this week, and for that reason they were worth every penny.

3) A cosy hotel night in

I had a very busy day in London on Tuesday to make up for the slower start to the week, and so by the time the evening rolled around I was craving some R&R. I ordered some ramen on Deliveroo, put my PJs on and treated myself to an early night in bed with my book - bliss!

4) Receiving some lovely messages and emails

This week I’ve received some of the loveliest emails from readers of this blog and listeners of my podcast, and they honestly made my week. I absolutely love creating the content I create, but knowing that helps and inspires some of you really does mean the world to me.

5) Booking our hotel for New York

One of the definite highlights of this week was booking our hotel for our trip to New York in June. Thanks to some free nights racked up on Hotels.com, we were able to splash out a little bit and chose the beautiful Hoxton hotel in Williamsburg. We absolutely loved staying at their Paris hotel, and seeing as we chose a room with a Manhattan view, I’ve got a feeling that we might like their New York branch even more!

6) Launching Reflect & Grow

I’m having so much fun creating new things and testing new avenues for my business, and I’ve been working away behind the scenes recently on some new workbooks and ebooks. This week I launched the first one, Reflect & Grow, and it has been so brilliant to see so many of you diving into it already.

7) A couple of trips to the beach

I spent the weekend at home at my parents’ house, and really made the most of being closer to the coast with not one but two trips to the beach. I love being by the sea so much - there’s something about the fresh, salty air and the rolling waves that makes me feel at peace, and so I felt very lucky to spend lots of time walking the dogs along the sand dunes this weekend.

8) The first beer garden trip of the year

On Saturday evening we had our first beer garden trip of the year! My parents, my husband and I walked the dogs to our local pub to enjoy a pint outside in the sunshine, and it made me so very excited for the long balmy evenings ahead.

9) Celebrating Mother’s Day with my lovely Mum

I had such a lovely day celebrating Mother’s Day with my lovely Mum yesterday. We had a gorgeous lamb roast dinner (cooked by my brilliant Mum who refused to let us take over the reins), drank prosecco and generally had a fine old time laughing and putting the world to rights. I never take for granted how lucky I am to have such an ace Mum who doubles up as a great friend too.

10) Lots of family time

I’m very lucky that the majority of my family all live in the same place, so when I go home I usually get to see a fair few of them. As well as spending lots of time with my Mum this weekend, I also paid a visit to both of my grandparents, and got to hang out with some of my little cousins too. Each and every family member I saw had me laughing and feeling very lucky to be related to them!

What’s been making you smile this week?