10 favourites this week (#196)


Happy Monday, you lovely lot! I’m feeling particularly chipper today as I only have a few days left in work before my holidays. We’re heading up to Loch Lomond and then on to the Isle of Skye on Friday, and I’m so excited! I can’t wait for a week of relaxing and exploring and reading all of those books that have been sitting by my bedside table for months.

Anyway, before I get too caught up in holiday daydreaming, let’s get stuck in with this week’s favourites, shall we?

1) Fleabag finale

Oh my, oh my, where do I even start?! While I’m v gutted that Fleabag is now over, I thought that the finale this week was just absolutely perfect. So perfect in fact that I watched it twice. I’ve loved this show so much, and if you haven’t already watched it, I’d thoroughly recommend it!

2) Some lovely walks in the sunshine

I’ve been making the most of the lovely spring sunshine this week by getting out for some lunchtime walks along the canal. Having that little midday break does wonders for my productivity levels, and it’s so nice to get out and make the most of spring while it’s here.

3) A brilliant coaching session

Pretty much every session I have with my coach Jen is amazing, but this week it felt like I had a real breakthrough while talking to her. I can’t tell you how good it is to have someone to bounce ideas around with - it’s a good reminder that we don’t always have to figure everything out on our own.

4) Having our friends round for dinner

On Thursday evening we had my friend Jess and her lovely boyfriend round for dinner. We ate mac and cheese and drank wine and put the world to rights, and it was just lovely. Jess and I have been friends for years and years, and I’m very happy that she’s now a permanent Leeds resident - hopefully that means lots more dinners are on the horizon!

5) Relaunching my 1:1 coaching

After having a bit of a breakthrough with my own coach on Wednesday, I decided to rework my own coaching packages and make them even more focused on the work I want to do with clients. My offering is now much more in line with what I write about here on the blog and chat about on my podcast - you can take a look here if you’re interested.

6) A big spring clean

Is there anything more satisfying than a big spring clean? I think not. This week I sorted and tidied and dusted and cleaned and generally made my house resemble a show home. It won’t last for long - in fact, it’s already getting messier by the day - but it feels good to have given everything a proper scrub.

7) Bottomless brunch with the girls

On Saturday I headed into Leeds for bottomless brunch with some old work friends. We drank many an aperol spritz, ate some delicious food and laughed a lot. I feel very lucky that we all by chance ended up on the same team together eight years ago - they’re some of the very best women I’ve ever met.

8) Binge watching Game of Thrones

Sam and I spent all of Saturday night binge watching Game of Thrones ready for the new episode this evening. There are so many twists and turns from the last few seasons that we’d forgotten all about, but now we’re feeling very excited for the final season! No spoilers please...

9) A family Sunday brunch

We had Sam’s brother, his girlfriend and our nephew round for brunch yesterday, and it was such a lovely way to start Sunday! Sam made us all a big cooked brekkie, and we had a catch up and listened to all of Ralf’s new funny sayings. Plus we booked a weekend away in Northumberland in the summer while they were here - I can’t wait!

10) Watching ET with a live orchestra

Last night Sam and I headed to Leeds Town Hall to watch E.T. with the score performed by a live orchestra. E.T. is one of my favourite films ever (it’s got allllll the childhood nostalgia, right?!) and it was so cool to watch it with the music played live.

What’s been making you smile this week?