10 favourites this week (#195)


Happy Monday, you lovely lot! I’m feeling pretty smug that I only have one more Monday get up left before we head off on our holidays next Friday - I’m not usually someone who wishes the time away, but I have to say that I am feeling very ready for a proper break.

Anyway, rather than getting carried away with future plans, lets dive into this week’s favourites, shall we?

1) A lovely stroll around London

I was feeling restless after work on Monday, and so decided to take myself out for a little stroll around London. I walked for miles along the river while listening to some of my favourite podcasts and taking in the golden hour views - a very lovely start to the week.

2) How To Fail by Elizabeth Day

While out and about wandering on Monday evening, I popped into Waterstones and picked up a signed copy of Elizabeth Day’s new book, How To Fail. I have thoroughly enjoyed working my way through it this week - it’s filled with so much empowering wisdom and advice.

3) Getting shortlisted for a Blogosphere award

I had some really good news on Tuesday - I’ve been shortlisted for a Blogosphere magazine awards! I was totally gobsmacked to see my name on the shortlist for the Lifestyle Influencer category, alongside the likes of Poppy Deyes and Kate La Vie, bloggers who I’ve been following for years. I’m by far the “smallest” blogger within my category and so my chances of winning are slim, but I’d love love love your vote if you get the chance!

4) Sam’s homemade lasagne

When I got back from London on Tuesday evening I found a homemade lasagne waiting for me in the fridge that my husband, Sam, had made. He’d slaved over it for hours, making the bechamel sauce and the ragu from scratch, and it was honestly so delicious!

5) Hanging out with my family

I spent a few more days back at my parents’ house this week, and it was so lovely to get to spend some time hanging out with them and the rest of my family. I always feel so relaxed when I’m at their house and I sleep like a log in my old bed too.

6) My first proper speaking gig

On Thursday I had my first proper speaking gig, and it went really well! I went in to present to a small business about setting meaningful goals, a topic that is very close to my heart. I really enjoyed it, and it made me realise that I’d love to do more speaking gigs in the future.

7) A weekend in the Peak District with the girls

On Friday evening I headed across to the Peak District for a gorgeous weekend with my girls. We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb that had the most impressive view of the River Wye from the windows, and had such a fab weekend drinking fizz, exploring new places and putting the world to rights.

8) A gorgeous walk in the sunshine

We took our hungover heads out for a 9 mile walk on Saturday, hiking from Bakewell to Chatsworth and back again. The sun was shining as we walked across fields and up hills and through the woods, and it was so lovely to spend the time out in nature. It was my first time in the Peak District, but the views were so gorgeous that I know I’ll be back again soon.

9) A very lazy Sunday

After getting back from the Peak District yesterday afternoon, I had the laziest Sunday hanging out with my lovely husband. We binge watched lots of Game of Thrones, made a roast dinner and I even had a midday bath - bliss!

10) Doing some holiday planning

We spent last night curled up on the sofa and did some planning and research for our upcoming holidays. I absolutely love researching restaurants and planning days out and generally dreaming about getting away, so it was a very lovely way to round off the week.

How’s your week been? What made you smile this week?