10 favourites this week (#198)


Happy Monday, you lovely lot! How are you all doing? I’m feeling grateful that the sunshine has made a return, and oh so refreshed after a very relaxing weekend at home. Anyone else find that those weekends of pottering are sometimes the most enjoyable ones?

Anyway, let’s get stuck into this week’s favourites shall we? Here goes…

1) Listening to the new Vampire Weekend album

Vampire Weekend have been one of my favourite bands for years and years now, so when I saw that they had a new album out I was very excited. I’ve been listening to it on repeat all week, and I have to say that I absolutely love it!

2) Thai takeaway & Game of Thrones

I was feeling a little bit broken after too much hen party fun last weekend, so on Monday evening Sam and I ordered a Thai takeaway and curled up on the sofa to watch Game of Thrones. It was just what the doctor ordered, and the perfect way to recuperate before another working week.

3) Peonies

This week I got my hands on my first bunch of peonies of the season. I’ve got a really soft spot for the cerise pink peonies as I had them in my wedding bouquet and in the jars decorating our marquee, so it always puts a huge smile on my face to have them brightening up our home.

4) Getting back out running

Life has been pretty hectic since we got back from our holidays so exercise has fallen a bit by the wayside, but this week I managed to get back out for a couple of jogs. No matter how long of a break I have those endorphins never fail to make me feel amazing, and I’m determined to make it a priority over the next few weeks.

5) Lunch with an old work friend

On Thursday I headed into Leeds to have some lunch with a friend I used to work with. We headed to Layne’s Espresso for some very delicious food, and it was a lovely to have a good old catch up too.

6) A little magazine haul

I’ve always been a big magazine lover, and in the past couple of months I’ve found some real favourites in Breathe, Flow and The Simple Things. I treated myself to the most recent copy of each this weekend and had a lovely few hours flicking through them.

7) A lazy Saturday morning

We had very few plans this weekend, and so when I woke up on Saturday morning I spent a glorious couple of hours on the sofa curled up with my book and a cup of tea. It’s very rare that I get such a long stretch of uninterrupted reading time, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

8) A massive spring clean

After my lazy start, Sam and I spent the rest of Saturday giving our house a major spring clean. One of those where you hoover down the back of the sofa and re-organise your wardrobe and dust every exposed surface in the house. It took forever, but now our house is cleaner and tidier than it has been in ages, and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again.

9) Having our friends over for dinner

On Saturday night we had some of our friends over for dinner which was really lovely.. We ate tacos and cheesecake, drank lots of wine, and generally caught up on everything from holidays to house buying. Since we had our kitchen done I love having people over for food - I’m a massive feeder so I love cooking up a storm!

10) A dreamy Sunday

I absolutely love Sundays spent at home, and yesterday was a very dreamy one. We had a lie in and ate pasteis de nata for breakfast and I went for a run. We watched football and made a giant roast dinner, and then I wrote some blog posts before having an early night with my book. Does it get any better?

What’s been making you smile this week?