10 favourites this week (#200)


Happy Monday, you lovely lot! Aren’t Mondays just all that much better when they also happen to be bank holidays? I’m so excited for a day of reading and chilling and gardening and generally just making the most of an extra day off.

Also, can you believe that this is my 200th edition of 10 favourites this week? I wrote the first one almost exactly 4 years ago, and I feel so grateful that there are now 200 of these lists out there on the internet, reminding me just how lucky I am. I don’t plan on stopping sharing them any time soon.

Let’s add another one, shall we?

1) Game of Thrones finale

I know lots of people were disappointed with the Game of Thrones finale, but I actually really enjoyed it! I don’t wanna share any spoilers here, but I was surprised by the twists and turns, and thought they wrapped everything up pretty well. Although I am quite gutted that it’s all over now!

2) Dinner at Beso

On Monday evening I met my lovely friend Laura for some dinner at Beso in Covent Garden. We ate pasta, drank wine, and caught up on life - the perfect way to get the week started in my opinion.

3) Sh**gged, Married, Annoyed podcast

I am OBSESSED with this podcast! Hosted by comedian Chris Ramsey, and his hilarious wife, Rosie, this podcast has seen me laughing out loud on many a train journey this week. If you’re in need of a bit of light relief, I would thoroughly recommend it - I’m yet to get through an episode without laughing my head off.

4) Aldi rose wine

I drank so much cheap rose wine during my uni years that for a long time I couldn’t stomach the stuff, but it turns out that if you buy the right ones, it can be pretty delicious. This week I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with Aldi’s Ete wine, which is a perfect dupe for the much more expensive Whispering Angel - perfect for the summer months!

5) Catching up with my friend Sarah

On Wednesday evening I headed to the Turkish restaurant in our village for dinner and a catch up with my friend Sarah. The food was delicious as always, and it was so nice to catch up properly after a busy few months for us both.

6) Watching Foals

Foals have been one of my favourite bands since I was 17 or 18, and it was lovely to watch them launch their new album here in Leeds on Thursday evening. I danced away with my husband and our pals, and finished the evening with a couple of beers - such a brilliant way to welcome the weekend in.

7) Kinder Bueno ice creams

This is a public service announcement - these Kinder Bueno ice creams are one of the dreamiest things I’ve ever eaten. Yes, they’re quite pricey, but they’re worth every penny, and I’m going to be eating A LOT of them this summer.

8) Digging up our garden

For as long as we’ve owned our house (which is over 3 years!), we’ve dreamed of digging up the weird flags the previous owners left in our backyard and putting our own stamp on our little garden. This weekend we finally started that process, and it felt GOOD to start changing it up for the better.

9) Chow Down

On Saturday we headed to Chow Down, a food festival in Halifax, with Sam’s brother, his girlfriend, and our little nephew. We ate some delicious food, drank some cider and beer, and watched our nephew, Ralf, splash his way through the fountains with a massive grin on his face - such a gorgeous way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

10) A blissful bank holiday Sunday

We thoroughly made the most of the bank holiday yesterday and had the most blissful day. I stayed in bed until I’d finished my book, went for a jog along the canal, visited not one but two DIY stores, and baked the most delicious brownies. I rounded the day off with a hot bath, a glass of wine and an early night with my book, and I honestly don’t think it gets much better than that.

How has your week been? What’s been making you smile this week?