June Reflections


It’s July, which means I’ve officially been writing these reflections posts for 6 months now! I’ve really enjoyed this process of sitting down each month, thinking about what has and hasn’t worked, and setting some goals for the month ahead. I really do believe it’s helped me to achieve more, and it’s also helped me to iron out any bad habits or kinks before they send me off track.

And so, without further ado, let’s get stuck into my June reflections. I feel like I have learnt SO MUCH about myself this month and I can’t wait to delve into.

What went well this month?

I had LOADS of fun

This month was hands down the most fun one of the year. I went to see the Spice Girls, danced all night at a wedding, had a lovely long weekend in Northumberland, and of course, we took a trip to New York. I also managed to have lots of midweek fun too, whether that was shutting my laptop off and reading for hours on end, or squeezing in little date nights with my husband. 

After a busy and stressful couple of months work wise, my biggest priority for June was to let loose and focus on living for a little while, and it did me the world of good. As someone with slight workaholic tendencies, I can be guilty of prioritising my to do list, but I really want to remember how good it’s felt to laugh and dance and make loads of happy memories this month.

I got my creative spark back

I mentioned in my May reflections post that I was feeling a bit burnt out, and that really took a hit on my creativity. As I’ve mentioned I made a conscious effort to work less this month, but I also did a few things to fill up my creativity. I visited museums and went to talks, spent more time in nature, and read a lot of varied material.

As a result I feel like the creative part of my brain is recharged and ready for action. I’m so happy to have that creative spark back, and I also feel like I’ve learned how important it is to remember to nurture it going forwards. 

What didn’t go so well this month?

My self-care took a slip 

Amongst the busy work months and then this month of fun, my self-care has definitely taken a backseat. I noticed this month that I was feeling sluggish, run down and exhausted, and I know that it’s because the things that help (sleep, exercise and a balanced diet) haven’t been top of my priority list for a while.

However, I’m really pleased that I managed to notice this before I let it make me ill, and I’ve already put some good measures in place to help me focus on taking care of myself for a little while. A few years ago it would have taken me six months to get to this point, so I’m counting this as a win! 

What do I want July to bring?

Get my thoughts and plans down on paper

I feel like my brain is fizzing with ideas and plans at the moment, and so while the internet and work slows down a little bit for the summer, I want to take the opportunity to pull all of those thoughts out of my head and get them down on paper. My thinking is that I spend a good chunk of the next month or two planning and getting everything in order, I can hit the ground running again in September. 

Truly enjoy the summer

It feels like we’ve been waiting ages for the summer to arrive here in the UK, and now that it’s finally here, I want to fully enjoy it. That means prioritising time spent outside, heading off on spontaneous roadtrips, soaking up all the gorgeous sunsets, and generally making the most of all the good stuff that I know I’ll miss when autumn rolls around.  

Focus on learning

June marked the final session with my lovely coach, but I really want to continue with learning and self development. I’ve been completing a qualification in happiness coaching which I’d love to finish this month, and I’ve also got plenty of business books to worm my way through too. I will always be a nerd at heart! 

How has this month been for you? Did you learn anything new about yourself?