the joyful everyday

6 month 1:1 coaching for a happier life


From the minute we learn to talk and read, we’re taught that our happiness depends on a set of conditions. Think about every fairytale you’ve ever watched - the happy ending starts when the princess gets her prince, right? Heck, even the modern fairytales rely on a successful job or a round the world trip or a way of saving the day for their happy endings.

It’s an idea that’s reinforced throughout our whole lives. If you get the right grades, you’ll be happy. If you land the job of your dreams, you’ll be happy. You’ll be happy when you fall in love, or when you travel to your bucket list destination, or when you buy your first house, or when you have your first child.

Happiness becomes a prize dangled in front of us, a destination that we reach, not a part of the journey of everyday life. And so we keep on pushing forwards. We buy into the idea that quitting our jobs will make us happy, or that building a capsule wardrobe will help us spark joy. We spend money on diets and gym memberships so that we can slim our way to contentment, we say yes to the social commitments in the hope that we might just find our happiness hiding in the corner at a party.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. And you’re not to blame, either. When we’ve spent our whole lives believing that happiness relies on a set of perfect conditions, finding the joy in everyday can feel like an impossibility.

But what if I was to tell you that it’s not impossible? What if I was to tell you that you can be happy everyday? What if I was to tell you that you can learn to love your life without having to change a single thing in it?

Well, you can. Because it’s not your life that needs to change, it’s your mindset. And that’s where I can help.

I’m here to help you define your own version of success, let go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, and start living your life more intentionally.

I’m here to help you develop the routines and boundaries that mean you have more time to focus on what’s important.

I’m here to help you create your joyful everyday, whatever that might look like to you.

Here’s what we can work on together:

  • Defining your own version of success - not the version that’s been sold to you by society

  • Setting meaningful goals that move you closer to that version of success

  • Developing tools and techniques to help you to squeeze more joy out of your everyday

  • Letting go of the limiting beliefs and stories that have been holding you back

  • Setting personal and professional boundaries so that you can carve out more time for you and what’s important to you

  • Gaining clarity on how it is you really want to spend your days

  • Building your confidence and self worth so that you can go after what you want

  • Letting go of comparison so that you can focus on your own goals

  • Creating balance in your life so that you can let go of stress and overwhelm

  • Finding tools and techniques to help you to stay positive during difficult times or periods of change

And here’s how we’ll do it:

When you book The Joyful Everyday: 6 month 1:1 coaching for a happier life, here’s what you’ll get…

Ten 60 minute coaching calls

Every couple of weeks we’ll jump on a call together for a 60 minute coaching session. We’ll start by chatting about your current reality, before working together to figure out what your definition of success truly is. I’ll share tools and techniques that will help you to improve your mindset, as well as creating space for you to talk through any roadblocks or hurdles that you come across.

These 60 minute sessions are all about you, and give you the time and space and you need to get clear on what will bring more joy to your everyday. After each session you’ll feel inspired, motivated, and equipped with everything you need to make meaningful change.

Unlimited email support

Trying to rewire your brain and change the beliefs that you’ve held as truth for so long isn’t easy. There will be wobbles and curveballs along your journey, and sometimes these will show up in between our coaching sessions. For that reason, I offer unlimited email support while we’re working together.

So if you need some additional support, or you just want to bounce ideas around with someone, you don’t need to wait until our next session - I’ll be available to provide feedback or just lend a listening ear whenever you need me.

Practical tools, tasks and actions

At the end of every call, you’ll receive a set of notes containing a summary of what we talked about, as well as some practical and personalised tools, tasks and actions to help you keep moving forwards in between our sessions.

You’ll also receive an audio recording of our call so that you can listen back to those “aha!” moments whenever you need to.

Access to a wide variety of resources

During our time working together, you’ll also have access to any other tools or resources I’ve created. This includes my workbooks, my e-courses, and any other new products that I may launch during our time together.

Ready to figure out your version of success? Ready to take back control of your own life and happiness? Ready to create your very own joyful everyday?

Let’s do it.

Your investment: £500 in full

(or 6 monthly payments of £85 - please get in touch for payment plan)

Want to chat before investing? No problem! I offer free 30 minute discovery calls so that you can do exactly that. Please feel free to go ahead and schedule your session.