What I Wore: The Perfect Summer Blouse


    Can you lot believe it’s going to be July next week?! I feel like June has only just arrived. And despite having a few nice days here and there it doesn’t really feel like summer has got started yet, does it? I’m finding it hard to dress for the weather at the moment. I can never tell whether it’s going to be gloriously sunny or teeming with rain. And even when the sun hasn’t been shining it’s still been ridiculously…

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    My Travel Bucket List: UK

    It will come as no surprise to any regular readers that I love to travel and I pretty much always have a holiday planned. Over the past couple of years I’ve…

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    10 favourites this week (#78)

    Can we just acknowledge that I’ve now written 78 of these things?! I’m the worst person for sticking to anything, so the fact that I have sat down and written about…

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    Show the world some love

    (Image source here) I didn’t plan to write this post today. I was thinking about writing a travel bucketlist, or giving you all a little wedding planning update, but when I…


    A change is as good as a rest

    Happy Thursday people! We are sooooo close to the weekend… You can DO THIS. You really can. I promise. Notice anything different around here? I’ve been feeling like my blog layout…

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    Making a house a home

    I can’t quite believe it’s been over three months since we picked up the keys to our house – time flies when you’re having fun, right?! Those three months have zoomed by…