Planning Our Kitchen Renovation

    Planning Our Kitchen Renovation

    1) / 2) / 3) / 4) / 5) I must have written on this blog at least 20 times about how we’re desperate to renovate our kitchen. Our current kitchen is less than ideal – we have a tiled worktop (as inconvenient as it sounds), blue textured wallpaper, and cabinets that were probably fitted around the same time as I was born. And yet, despite the terrible decor, the room itself is actually my favourite in the house. In…

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  • 10 favourites this week

    10 favourites this week (#146)

    Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to tell you all about my favourites today because I’ve just had the loveliest week ever. The combination of my birthday celebrations and some…

  • 28 things i've learnt this year

    28 Things I’ve Learnt This Year

    Today is my 28th birthday – twenty bloody eight. A whole decade of adulthood. How the hell did that happen?! When thinking about what posts I could write to mark the occasion, my…

  • Life

    10 favourites this week (#145)

    Happy Monday everyone! I’m particularly cheery today because not only is it my birthday tomorrow, but we’ve got some mega exciting plans this week including a spa break, a meal with…

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    Is Our Generation Paralysed By Choice?

    (Image source here) I’ve had this post rolling around in my head for a couple of weeks now. It’s a question that I’ve been thinking about every time I’ve sat and…

  • Life

    10 favourites this week (#144)

    Happyyyyy Monday everyone! Is it just me or are the weeks whizzing by even more quickly recently? I can hardly believe that this time in 7 weeks we’ll be celebrating Christmas…

  • 5 reasons to visit san sebastian
    Spain Travel

    5 Reasons To Visit San Sebastián 

    If you haven’t already guessed it from my Instagram and Twitter updates over the last couple of months, I absolutely fell in love with San Sebastián. I knew it would be…