Trying To Slow Down

trying to slow down

You know how when you have too many tabs open in your internet browser your computer has a little melt down and freezes and you just get the blue circle of death while it tries to sort itself out? I feel like that is what is happening in my brain at the moment.

I’m tired all the time (like seriously, all the goddamn time) despite getting 8 and a half hours sleep a night and eating plenty of nutritious veggies. I keep forgetting basic things like where I’ve put my keys or important dates and deadlines. Heck, I even forgot my lunch yesterday, which is pretty unheard of for someone who loves food as much as I do. And I know that it’s all because I’ve got too much stuff whirring around my brain.

I feel like my mind is occupied for literally every single second of the day. Whether it’s with work stuff or blog stuff or wedding stuff or family stuff, there is never a moment where I’m not constantly thinking about something or mentally working my way through my to do list. Don’t get me wrong – I love being busy and part of the reason why my brain is going into such crazy overdrive is because I’m excited about so many things at the moment, but I don’t think we always take into account how tiring it can be to be constantly “on it” all of the time.

I’ve written in the past about the importance of switching off. I’ve preached relentlessly about how necessary self care is. But what do you do when you literally don’t have the time to completely switch off? What do you do when the deadlines and dates are rolling ever closer and you don’t have a spare weekend to dedicate to chilling out and detaching yourself from the hustle and bustle of life? How do you get everything done without pushing yourself to the point of nervous breakdown?

In all honesty, I don’t know. I don’t know how to achieve everything you want to achieve without being left with some frazzled, burnt out version of yourself. I don’t know how to strike that balance between #girlboss and falling asleep on the bus home from work. But what I’m trying to do at the moment is to just slow down whenever I can.

Sometimes that’s by getting away from my desk and taking a little wander around the block at lunch time. Sometimes that’s by soaking in a hot bath for half an hour with my phone in the other room. Sometimes that’s by practising saying no every now and then. And sometimes, like last night, it’s about climbing in to bed early with a good book and a glass of wine and getting lost in someone else’s world for a little while.

Self care and switching off and balance is all so ~on trend~ at the moment and we’re reading about it all the time, but I can’t be the only who sometimes feels like it’s just yet another chore to add to the ever-growing to do list. Trying to schedule in an evening of down time just makes me even more stressed when I realise I don’t have that time at the moment. I kinda feel like if I try and stop the plates spinning for too long at the moment, I won’t be able to pick them back up again.

But tiny little chunks of slowing down? That I can manage. That I can do.

Have you ever felt like this? How do you try and look after yourself when life is busy?

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  • Alex Tomlinson

    Hi Sophie,

    This is going to sound like a bit of a plug for a product and it kind of is but I also wouldn’t have commented unless I thought it could help. I take time out for myself each day by filling in a journal that my friend produced. It’s called the Love Yourself Lean journal, her website is and I really think you would like it. It is about health and wellbeing but with a real focus on self-care and looking after your emotional, spiritual and mental health as well as physical. I’m not an ambassador for the brand or anything like that, I just have one myself and I love the 5 minutes each day that I take to fill it in, it feels like proper me-time and it’s got a few good ideas of ways to take time out for yourself even if it is just a few minutes with a cup of tea xx

    • Ooooooh, thank you so much for the tip! I think this is such a great idea to switch off at the end of the day x

  • Ashleigh

    Thank you! I really needed to read something like that today as its all getting a little too much.

    I hope you can defrazzle!

  • This totally resonates with me today! I am juggling trying to get our extensive house renovations finished, train someone up to cover my maternity leave, negotiate a huge new contract at work before I leave, fit in a huge amount of freelance work, keep up my blog, and deal with visiting friends staying and trips away to see family etc, all before our baby is born in 13 weeks’ time!! Today has been a nightmare – to-do list was already swamped, then had a client come back to me and ask me to check some new parts of a document only to find they had removed a lot of changes I made (to turn it into publishable English) because the Italian-speaker who wrote it is convinced he is correct and not me!! So now I have to do the entire thing again, probably for the same thing to happen again! Arggghh! I was just about coping with today and the next few days, and now my heart is racing and I am not at all. Not good for me or baby. So instead of tackling all the work right this second, taking ten minutes with a cuppa to read my favourite blogs and breathe deeply. This post made me realise I am so not alone in this, things get on top of people all the time, and we do get through it though it isn’t much fun. (And I promise you – wedmin isn’t fun now, but on the day you will be so glad of every minute of it! :-)) I don’t have any advice either, if I knew how to fix this, I’d be a millionaire! I suspect the only way is just to keep plodding on and getting things done one at a time, and keeping breathing. Good luck!! xx

    • Oh wow, you have so much on your plate at the moment! I hope you managed to get some downtime for yours and baby’s sake 🙂 X

  • Love this! I find using the ‘Calm app’ and doing a 3 or 5 minute body scan really helps me re-focus and relax more! xx

  • Charlie Elliott

    I can’t even say how I relax because my mind is always in this sort of frazzle, so I’ll just say ‘yes, I agree!’. Hope life gets less crazy soon!

  • Ah yes I completely feel ya on this one. Sometimes my mind is racing so much, I book something in that is relaxing to do (yoga class) then I feel so busy and stressed that I don’t even go! :/ I do think you can always find those little snippets of life for yourself. I have been listening to the most HILARIOUS podcast (my dad wrote a porno) on my commute recently, and it just gives me time to chuckle and chill out for a moment. Hope things start to feel a little calmer soon 🙂 Immy x

    • Oh my god, I love that podcast – it makes me laugh soooooo much! x

  • You are in such a bubble of EVERYTHING right now – I don’t wanna sound like “that” person, but wedding planning, all the fun of it, but the commitments to live too, it’s a lot on top of work and life. (I know, I’ve been there, and it’s awesome but YES v tiring!)
    Get the little down time chunks and relish them.
    I am always grateful we close our business at 4pm, it gives me some time to try and cram life in beyond running a business… but sometimes, I struggle to do anything other than eat dinner and watch emmerdale. Time flies! I have no idea how people finishing work at 6pm have a life and do errands too?
    Gorgeous writing as always Sophie, xx
    Holly xxx /// BLOG:

    • Thanks for the lovely words (as always!) Holly. I relished being away from it all and switching off this weekend 🙂 X

  • Diana Maria

    Yes!! I’m so glad you wrote about this because some days I really need to remind myself to slow down. It can be hard- you want to succeed, work hard and do well, but you also don’t want to overwhelm yourself into exhaustion. I think it’s tricky finding that balance, but it’s definitely possible! I usually reserve one day of the week for me time, where I disconnect and reflect on my week. I see what I need to do more, or less of the following week and just focus on what makes me happy! Thank you for sharing this love, have a wonderful Sunday xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment – I like your idea of keeping one day a week free! x