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the short story

So what can I tell you about me, then? Well the short story goes a little bit like this: I graduated from uni with a degree in Economics, spent almost a decade climbing the corporate career path at places like The Walt Disney Company and venture-backed start-ups, until 12 months ago, when I decided to follow my heart and retrain into my dream career working as a life coach. 

But of course, nobody’s story is as straightforward as that. There are plot twists and pivots, highs and lows, and many, many moments of self doubt. And I wouldn’t want you to think that my story is any different, and so here’s the long version of that story…

the long story

Let’s start at the beginning, eh? I grew up in the North West of England, in a small town nestled slap bang in between Manchester and Liverpool (hence my confused northern accent). My childhood and teenage years were relatively normal - happy family, never wanting for much, and good results at school.

At 18 I headed off to university, the first person in my family to do so. English Literature was my passion, but I plumped to study Economics instead. It was the “sensible option” pushed on me by my teachers and careers advisor at college, and I wasn’t confident enough to challenge their advice. This is probably my earliest memory of going against my gut intuition in a big way - I trusted that everyone else knew better than me, and put my own hopes and ambitions to one side.

Suffice to say, I didn’t love my course, but I stuck it out and had plenty of fun at uni nonetheless. I nurtured my creativity by interning with inspiring local businesses and writing a blog, but all of that was pushed to the side after graduating. Instead of following the creativity and curiosity that was gnawing away at me, I chose the sensible option once again and dove headfirst into a graduate scheme.

And so began my corporate career. After completing my graduate scheme, I was promoted to the senior management team. A few years after that I was headhunted to join The Walt Disney Company, where I worked with some of the biggest global retailers. And for the last few years, I’ve been working in the start up industry, managing a team of over 80 people and millions of pounds of revenue.

Written down like that, I can see that my career sounds very successful. But it never felt that way to me. Sure, it would satisfy my ego to share my most recent work highlight with my friends and peers, but in reality, it felt like I was chipping off pieces of my soul and handing them over in exchange for my next promotion.

“Nobody really likes work”, I’d tell myself, as I numbed the stress of the day with another glass of wine. “I’m just lucky to have a job that offers security and stability”, I'd mumble, as I spent the hours counting down to the weekend or my next holiday. I convinced myself that Sunday blues were par for the course, that the big anxious knot weighing down on my chest was just part and parcel of being a grown up with a job. 

I didn’t recognise that I was feeling that way because I was going against everything my intuition was screaming at me. And so instead I kept on chasing the next milestone, piling up the successes as proof that I was moving in the right direction. And with every layer of expectation I added, the quieter that voice in my head, the one that was whispering that life didn’t have to be this way, would become. 

I reckon that I probably would have continued that way until retirement age had I not had a huge, screaming, life-altering wake up call back in the summer of 2016. Suffering an unexpected and tragic family bereavement forced me to realise just how short our time here on earth could be, and I became determined to take back control and start tuning back into my intuition.

I took a purposeful step off the hamster wheel, and started paying attention to what truly brought me joy. I became obsessed with the power of positivity and mindset, and started training as a life coach so that I could help other people find the confidence to live their most joyful life. It didn’t happen overnight, but in the past few years I have completely reshaped my life in order to focus on what’s most important to me.

And now the mission behind my work is to help as many people as I can do the very same thing. Because I wholeheartedly believe that we all deserve to have more joy in our lives. We all deserve to spend our days doing something that truly lights us up. We all deserve to feel like we have purpose and direction. And I don’t believe that we should have to suffer through something tragic in order to realise that.

See, I told you it was a long story, didn’t I? 

so what exactly do I do then?

  • I help people like you figure out what joy means to them, and how they can create more of it every single day.

  • I help people like you uncover what it is that they truly want out of life, not what their parents or their partner or society wants for them.

  • I help people like you build their confidence and courage by improving their mindset and showing them what they’re capable of.

  • I help people like you create a plan of action that inspires them and moves them closer to their big goals and dreams.

  • I help people like you find the balance and clarity that they’ve been craving in this fast paced world.

  • I help people like you realise that they’re worthy of the life that they’re dreaming about.

and how do I do it?

1:1 coaching

I offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring services that are designed to help you realise your worth, improve your mindset, and build the confidence and courage you need to build a life that feels truly joyful to you.

joy school

At various points throughout the year I run Joy School, an 8 week interactive class designed to help you reconnect with your inner joy and find more of it every damn day.


I share blog posts each week about living with intention, the power of positivity, and my experience of building a joyful life on my own terms.


Every week on Practical Positivity I share tips to help you squeeze more joy out of your everyday, attitude hacks that will help you think a little differently, and the lessons I’m learning on my own positivity journey.


Via my newsletter, The Weekly Pep Talk, I deliver a burst of motivation and inspiration straight to your inbox every Sunday.

and finally, here’s what I believe in…

joy is for everyday 

I don’t believe that joy is something that should be saved for weekends or holidays or retirement - I believe it’s something that we should experience every single day.

living life on purpose

I’m a big believer that life is too short to be lived on autopilot. Instead, I believe that we’re all entitled to choose the options and paths that are truly best for us, and to live our lives in a way that brings us joy and fulfilment.

meaningful connection

I believe that magic happens when humans work together, and that the biggest lightbulb moments are born out of meaningful connection and conversations.

the ordinary can be extraordinary

Life isn’t just about the big trip or the job promotions or the special holidays, it’s about all of those little moments that happen in between. Making the ordinary extraordinary means we get to enjoy every minute of life, not just the shiny Instagram worthy moments.

uncovering new truths

What if success looks different to all of us? What if the key to our happiness is letting go of the expectations society has placed on us? I believe that asking questions like these can help us to uncover new truths about ourselves and our lives.

building confidence and being brave

I’m passionate about building confidence and cultivating courage, so that we can lead bolder, happier and more authentic lives. Building self worth and letting go of self doubt helps us to grasp the opportunities and stop playing small.

finding the balance

Life isn’t just about work or family or hobbies or side hustles - it’s about finding a way to make the many elements of our lives work together. I believe that we are happiest when we prioritise balance and appreciate all aspects of our lives.