Hi, I’m Sophie!

(AKA The Joyful Coach)

I’m a happiness life coach based here in the UK, and I help brilliant people like you live their most joyful lives, whatever that looks like for them.

Originally from the north west, I’m now based in Leeds, where I live in a tiny terraced house with my husband, Sam, and our cat, Lola. I have a decade of experience of working in sales and marketing for big companies like The Walt Disney Company and Hallmark, but have spent the last 18 months transitioning to the work I truly love to do - helping people improve their mindsets and start living the lives they dream of.

When I’m not working with brilliant clients, delivering inspiring workshops, or creating products to help you take back control of your life, you can find me hiking through the countryside, getting lost in a good back, or hanging out with my family.


For a very long time I lived my life on autopilot. I did as I was told, I followed the path set out for me, I took on other people’s expectations as if they were my own. It never even crossed my mind that there was another way.

I did well at school, and got my place at university, and chose the degree that everybody told me would set me up best for a high flying career. I passed the tests and got the grades and secured a place on an impressive graduate programme that offered stability and security.

I pushed myself hard at work, and within a matter of years I was leading big teams and delivering important projects at internationally renowned companies like Hallmark and The Walt Disney Company.

From the outside, my life looked pretty damn great. I had the impressive job title, the fancy work trips, the nice car. My husband and I had bought our own home, and we were travelling a lot too, jetting off to cosmopolitan cities and destinations every other month or so. Friends and family were always telling me how well I was doing, how lucky I was.

But it didn’t feel like I was doing well on the inside. Deep down I felt confused, scared and overwhelmed. I was battling regular anxiety attacks and stress related health issues. I felt trapped by the career I’d built, wedded to the expectations and societal norms that had started to rule my life and my decisions.

It took a family tragedy to change my perspective. Experiencing deep loss and grief in the summer of 2016 forced me to reassess what was important to me and regain control of my own life. I started learning about the power of positivity and the impact the right (or wrong!) mindset can have on us. I vowed to get off the hamster wheel and start living my life on purpose, prioritising what was truly important to me, and letting go of irrelevant stress and worry.

My life has changed significantly since then. I’ve worked on building my confidence and self worth, letting go of the negative chatter that used to fill my brain. I’ve built a business that allows me to do work that makes a real impact, and have reshaped my life to allow me to focus on what’s important to me - my loved ones, my creativity, and enough time and mental energy to focus on both.

Committing to improving my mindset and living with intention after that family tragedy has changed my life. It’s made me happier, more confident and more successful than I’ve ever been before. And it’s also made me determined to share the lessons I’ve learned with as many people as possible.

Because it shouldn’t take a huge loss to force us into truly living our lives. It shouldn’t take a tragedy to remind us that we’re worthy of more. We all deserve to live the lives that we dream about, and I know that by working on our mindsets and leaning into our biggest hopes and fears, we can do that.

And that’s why I’m here, sharing the tools and tips and support you need along the way.


Living life on purpose

I’m a big believer that life is too short to be lived on autopilot. Instead, I believe that we’re all entitled to choose the options and paths that are truly best for us, and to live our lives in a way that brings us joy and fulfilment.

Meaningful connection

I believe that magic happens when humans work together, and that the biggest lightbulb moments are born out of meaningful connection and conversations.

The ordinary can be extraordinary

Life isn’t just about the big trip or the job promotions or the special holidays, it’s about all of those little moments that happen in between. Making the ordinary extraordinary means we get to enjoy every minute of life, not just the shiny Instagram worthy moments.

Uncovering new truths

What if success looks different to all of us? What if the key to our happiness is letting go of the expectations society has placed on us? I believe that asking questions like these can help us to uncover new truths about ourselves and our lives.

Building confidence and being brave

I’m passionate about building confidence and cultivating courage, so that we can lead bolder, happier and more authentic lives. Building self worth and letting go of self doubt helps us to grasp the opportunities and stop playing small.

Finding the balance

Life isn’t just about work or family or hobbies or side hustles - it’s about finding a way to make the many elements of our lives work together. I believe that we are happiest when we prioritise balance and appreciate all aspects of our lives.


  • I help people uncover what it is that they truly want out of life, not what their parents or their partner or society wants for them.

  • I help people build their confidence and courage by improving their mindset and showing them what they’re capable of.

  • I help people create a plan of action that inspires them and moves them closer to their big goals and dreams.

  • I help people to find the balance and clarity that they’ve been craving in this fast paced world.

  • I help people realise that they’re worthy of the life that they’re dreaming about.


1:1 Coaching

I offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring services that are designed to help you realise your worth, improve your mindset and build the confidence and courage you need to create the life that you dream about.


I create workbooks and course to help you get to the heart of your big dreams, take back control and start living your life on purpose.


I share blog posts each week about living with intention, the power of positivity, and my experiences of building a life on my own terms.  


Every week on Practical Positivity I share tips to help you squeeze more joy out of your everyday, attitude hacks that will help you think a little differently, and the lessons I’m learning on my own positivity journey.


Via my newsletter, The Weekly Pep Talk, I deliver a burst of motivation and inspiration straight to your inbox every Sunday.