The little things

the little things

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I've spent a lot of time recently focussing on the big things in life. The scarily big things like buying a house and planning a wedding and booking adventurous trips and thinking about my career. It's been so exciting but also, undeniably exhausting. I think sometimes we become so focussed on those big milestones or once in a lifetime holiday that we forget about the millions of little things that make us so happy on a daily basis. So today's post is dedicated to those - because sometimes it's the little things that can make your day.

  • Catching an unexpectedly beautiful sunset on the bus home.
  • Getting completely lost in a book.
  • Cooking dinner and sitting down to eat together with Sam.
  • Lighting my candles and feeling cosy.
  • Feeling in the flow when writing my blog posts.
  • Having fresh flowers on my dining room table.
  • Receiving a compliment.
  • Looking back at old photos and reminiscing.
  • Totally nailing a sassy girl outfit.
  • Laughing and catching up over a glass of wine with my bezzas.
  • Having enough time to do some yoga.
  • Fresh bedding and fairy lights.
  • Cosy days spent on the sofa with plenty of blankets.
  • Those glorious good hair days.
  • Discovering a new favourite recipe.
  • Feeling super productive at work.
  • Receiving post that isn't a bill.
  • Colouring in - it's totally magic.
  • The magic of making a perfect cup of tea.
  • A hot bath and a pair of super soft PJs.

What little things make your day?