Enjoying Hotel Luxury at Home with Leesa


If you've read this blog for any length of time then you'll know I love to travel. Like seriously love it. I love to explore new places and try delicious foods and experience new cultures. What I don't love however, is how travel can play havoc with your body. Lugging around suitcases and backpacks can cause all sorts of aches and pains. Pounding the streets of a new city can be totally exhausting. And sleeping in different environments and uncomfortable hotel beds can really upset your posture.

leesa mattress reviewNot all hotel beds are uncomfortable of course. I can remember all of the hotels that I've stayed in with perfect beds - The Lowry Hotel in Manchester was a total dream and I loved the cloud like beds at Ox Pasture Hall. But unfortunately you never forget the bad ones either - I can still remember sleeping in a rock solid bed in New York that was no comfier than just lying on the floor. Not ideal after clocking up 30,000 steps exploring the city!

No matter how lovely a hotel you stay in though, nothing beats coming home to your own bed, and that is especially true for us since getting our new Leesa mattress. Our bed is now comfier than any hotel, and I am having serious issues with getting up in the morning!

leesa mattressThe Leesa mattresses are unlike any I've ever slept on before. They are made up of 3 different layers of foam which all work together to offer comfort and support that can adapt to any individual. Unlike other foam mattresses they also offer an airflow system that stops them from overheating. Best of all though, they are seriously comfortable - it honestly feels like sleeping on a cloud (and from the sound of Sam's snores I'd guess that he's been enjoying it too!).

The other unique thing about Leesa mattresses is that they operate solely online - there's none of the awkward lying down in store while arguing with your other half about which one to buy. You simply place your order and wait for it to arrive, which it does in a conveniently sized box. Honestly - I have no idea how they squash it down so small, but it makes it a million times easier to manoeuvre up the stairs!

leesa mattress reviewAs soon as you let it out of the box it starts to spring to life and within an hour the mattress is ready for sleeping on. You then have 100 days to test your new mattress out, and if it isn't for you then Leesa will come and pick it up free of charge and give you a refund. Although I am doubtful that anyone has ever had to use this service as I will never be parting with mine now!

If you do choose to return your mattress within the 100 day period then Leesa will donate it to a local charity, which I think is lovely. They also donate one mattress for every ten sold to a worthy cause and have pledged to donate a minimum of 300 mattresses in the coming year to support homeless charities in the city of London. I love supporting business that are committed to making a social impact, especially with big investments like a mattress.

leesa mattress reviewWe couldn't be happier with our new mattress - we're sleeping better than ever and going to bed feels like a real treat! If you also want to experience hotel luxury at home then Leesa have very kindly provided my readers with a discount code - you can save £50 by using this link.

* This post is in collaboration with Leesa but as ever, all opinions (and good nights' sleeps!) are my own.