How To Create The Perfect Reading Nook


It's no secret around these parts that I'm an avid reader. I write my book reviews every month, and I'm currently proudly telling everyone that will listen that I managed to read 55 books last year. I've loved reading ever since I was tiny - my Dad still talks now about how he used to catch me at the end of my bed, long after I was supposed to be asleep, trying to read my book by the little bit of light coming from the landing. But the truth is, I got out of the habit for a very long time. The disruption of uni and starting my career left little time for books, and it was only ever really on holiday that I'd get any reading done.

Aside from setting myself a Goodreads challenge (I'm fiercely competitive, even with myself!) one of the other things I credit with getting me reading again is having a cosy space to do it in. When we bought our house at the start of 2016, we knew we wanted to turn the attic room into a bit of a creative hangout space, and I was absolutely adamant that we needed to create a little reading nook up there too. Somewhere I could hang out with a page turner and a cup of tea and feel right at home.

It's my favourite corner of our whole house (yep, I even like it more than our very comfy bed), so today I thought I'd share it with you and give you some tips on how to create ther perfect reading nook - you know you need one!

how to create the perfect reading nook

how to create the perfect reading nook

1) Get a comfy armchair

We actually inherited this armchair (and the matching sofas that live in our living room) from my Mum and Dad and I think my Dad is still a little bit miffed that he doesn't have it any more. It's big enough to curl up in properly and the leather is so soft that it feels really comfy. If we didn't have this one I'd probably have chosen one of these gorgeous wingback chairs from

2) Add cushions

You can't get properly cosy without cushions right?! You need something big and squishy for maximum comfort, and if you can add a bit of style too then you're on to a winner. I love our one from Ikea, but good old John Lewis always have a fab selection too!

3) Curl up under a blanket

You're not going to have much fun in your reading nook if you're chilly, so it's essential to add a super snuggly blanket. I was sent this beautiful soft wool throw by the lovely folks at Cox and Cox and I've pretty much spent the entire last month huddled underneath it. It's one of those ideal homeware pieces that is both functional and gorgeous.

how to create the perfect reading nook

how to create the perfect reading nook

4) Light the candles

There's something about settling down with a great book and candles flickering around you that just feels so relaxing. I find that lighting a couple of gently scented ones helps me to really switch off and focus on whatever I'm reading - this Katie Loxon one is my current fave (like, I'm already dreading it running out!).

5) Choose a great book

Last, but obviously not least is the act of choosing the perfect book. One of the best tips I've ever been given is to read the books that I want to read, rather than picking up what I think I should be reading. It sounds incredibly obvious, but I was so guilty of buying the cult books or the ones I thought might further my career, rather than getting stuck into the juicy pageturners I actually wanted to read. I also regularly ask friends for recommendations or swap books with them - that way you know you're not wasting time on something disappointing!

how to create the perfect reading nook

how to create the perfect reading nook

So there we have it - my tips for creating the perfect reading nook. Where is your favourite place to curl up and read? Do you have a dedicated area in your house?