6 Podcasts To Download For Your Commute


I bloody love podcasts. I first realised they were a thing around 4 years ago when Sam and I were training for the York marathon, and let's just say that I would not have survived those very long training runs without the Desert Island Discs archives. Since then I've been obsessed and I'm always on the lookout for new podcasts to subscribe to. I love how accessible they are - I've never really got into YouTube because it feels impossible to get anything else done while you're watching videos, but you can pop a podcast on in the background while you're cooking or cleaning or working.

And of course, they're the ultimate companion for the commute - so much so, I don't even get that annoyed when I'm stuck in traffic so long as I've got a couple of fresh episodes to get stuck into! So today I thought I'd share some of my faves so you can enjoy them too - here are 6 podcasts to download for your commute...

1) Desert Island Discs

It only feels right to start with the very first podcast I ever downloaded, Desert Island Discs. This really was the gateway drug of podcasts for me and 4 years on I'm still just as obsessed as ever! Desert Island Discs is a radio programme hosted by the brilliant presenter Kirsty Young, and every week she invites her guests to share the 8 songs they'd take with them if they had to go and live on a desert island. The choices give you a fascinating insight into the lives of the guests (who include people like David Beckham, Caitlin Moran and Ed Sheeran) and Kirsty manages to tap into their emotions and stories in such a brilliant way.

Favourite episode: Sheryl Sandberg (I challenge you to listen to this and not cry)

2) What She Said

I'm slightly biased with this one as it's hosted by my lovely friend, Lucy, and I'm lucky enough to have been one of her guests! Every week Luce interviews women who are involved in the blogging and online world in some way, and I can't tell you how much I have learnt from this podcast. I find it so interesting to hear how each guest came to blogging and what they've learned about themselves through their online journey. Plus, Lucy has a knack for always asking the questions you really want to know the answers to!

Favourite episode: Talking Storytelling And Social Media With Brenna Holeman

3) The High Low

The High Low is a weekly pop-culture podcast hosted by journalists Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, and has been super popular among millennial women since it's launch back in March. In each episode the ladies discuss topics that have been in the news that week and I'm always interested to hear their perspectives and approaches to what can often be divisive subjects. They also start each show by recommending stuff they've been reading or watching that week and I've found some of my favourite books and articles this year via their suggestions - it's worth a listen for that alone!

Favourite episode: An Author Special With Reni Eddo-Lodge & The Return Of The Nokia 3310

4) Hashtag Authentic

If you're a fan of Instagram then you've more than likely come across the wonderful account Me and Orla, created by Instagram Queen, Sara Tasker. Hashtag Authentic is evolves Sara's wonderful creative brand into the podcasting space and it's one of my current faves. Season 1 focussed quite a bit on the specifics of Instagram and blogging, but the topics broached so far in season 2 are a lot more open and varied - I think any woman in business could learn a thing or two from listening.

Favourite episode: How To Stop Playing Small, With Tara Mohr 

5) The Emma Guns Show

This is a recent discovery for me but one that I am absolutely loving! The podcast is hosted by beauty journalist Emma Gunavardhana and so far she interviewed a whole host of different guests. I love that her interviews always feel more like a chat with an old friend, while still managing to cover all of the juicy topics that you'd expect. Emma also starts each episode with a bit of beauty talk and as a total novice, I've really enjoyed listening to her top tips and tricks.

Favourite episode: Mother Pukka - Choice, Pioneering and Practicality

6) Griefcast

This podcast probably isn't for everyone, but I wanted to mention it because it has been a real lifeline for me this past year. Griefcast is hosted by the comedian Cariad Lloyd, who lost her father to cancer when she was just 15, and on this podcast she discusses grief with fellow comedians. The chats are always open, honest and often very raw, but there is also plenty of laughter and humour too, which is something I have found essential in coping with my own grief. This podcast has made me feel a lot less alone during a very difficult time, and for that reason I will always love it.

Favourite episode: Kayleigh Llewellyn


Are you a podcast fan? What are your faves? I'm always on the hunt for new ones to subscribe to! 


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